Department of Civil Engineering


The programme is targeted at developing the following competencies, skill abilities amongst students. At the end of the programme, a student will be able to:

  • PO1: Apply knowledge of mathematical foundations, science and engineering to solve the problems in Civil Engg.
  • PO2: Identify, formulate and analyze engineering problems in reaching substantial conclusions using analytical tools appropriate to Civil Engg.
  • PO3: Design/develop a process/technique to meet desired needs within realistic constraints relating to economic, environmental, social, ethical heath and safety, verifiability and sustainability concerns.
  • PO4: Conduct investigations, experiment, analyze and interpret data and provide justified conclusion.
  • PO5: Use of technical skill and modern engineering tools to solve engineering problems.
  • PO6: Assess safety and environmental issues and consequent responsibility relevant to the Civil Engineering practices.
  • PO7: Understand the impact of the professional Civil Engineering solutions in relations to societal needs, environmental concerns and sustainable development.
  • PO8: Understand the importance of the professional ethics and norms of Civil Engg. practice.
  • PO9: Function effectively as a member and/or leader in diverse teams.
  • PO10: Communicate effectively, write effective reports, prepare documentation and make effective presentations.
  • PO11: Demonstrate knowledge of management skill and practices to develop a project plan.
  • PO12: Engage in lifelong learning in continuing professional development.