Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


About Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in 2010.It offers Under Graduate courses (B.Tech) in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering. It has a supportive campus environment where one can actively collaborate with his/her faculty and classmates as well as get involved in the other innovative things.

The Department provides many opportunities to gain practical work experience and ensure a successful career. Electronics engineers are changing the world to a comfortable global home. The information and technology revolution has been built on the advances of Electronics.

E&CED is making exhilarating progress in areas ranging from satellite communication, wireless communication microelectronics to VLSI Design Automation. In labs and classrooms, students draw on the expertise and knowledge of our able faculty, Integrating practical, hands on research experience with challenging and interesting course work.

ECE Time Table for 6th and 8th Semester Students.
Student Industrial Training Presentation VIVA (EC-808):
Project report guidlines for Students