Mechanical Engineering Department (JNGEC)


Department of Mechanical Engineering Department Organized an expert talk on "Transparent Glass Ceramics: Introduction and Scope of Applications" which covers the Advancement in Manufacturing Processes on Monday (2/11/2020) during forenoon session. The talk was delivered by Dr. Rahul Vaish (Associate Professor, School of Engineering, and I.I.T Mandi). It was attended by more than 90 participants. The participant included students of 3rd year, 4th year, faculty and staff of Mechanical Engg. Department. The session was informative and content comprised of advancement in glasses and their applications. The applications like superhydrohobic glasses (self cleaning glasses), glass ceramics and glasses in solar application i.e solar photovoltaic application was discussed. The fabrication of these glasses and glass ceramics was also discussed in detail which was well appreciated by the audiences