Department of Applied Science & Humanities

Head of Department Dr. Champa Verma

Dr. Champa Verma

Associate Professor (OIC)


The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities is established to strengthen the basic and practical requirements of an engineer in the field of natural sciences, society and communication as well as to produce good human beings. The engineers produced from this college will not only be perfect in the concepts of engineering only but they must possess managerial skills, which are most required nowadays.

When he joins any organisation or joins a group of people working together, must interact with people around him in order to share his needs, thoughts, plans, expertise, operations and so on. So he or she should be very excellent in their communication skill. Whatever they do in their working area they must keep and carry good humanity approach for the betterment of society and nation as a whole. They must know how to manage things and practically they have to manage the manpower, inventory, and hierarchical set up of an organisation as well as finance which mainly affect the total scenario.

Moreover natural sciences are the backbone of Engineering field and whatever an engineer does is based upon the basic principles in the field of natural sciences i.e. Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Environmental Science. The department of Applied Sciences & Humanities consists of Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, English, Management, Economics and Environmental sciences.


The department has well equipped labs for imparting practical knowledge to the students in the field of Natural Sciences. Though, the institution is still in upcoming stage yet emphasis is laid upon to acquire the state of art infrastructure for the physics and chemistry labs. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. S.P. Guleria, the faculty of Natural Sciences are leaving no stone unturned to provide the best equipment and practical knowledge to the students of this college.