Central Library

The central library at Jawaharlal Nehru Government Engineering College, Sundernagar (JNGEC) was set up in the year 2006 in the campus of Govt. Polytechnic library Sundernagar. It was shifted to the college campus in the year 2011. The library is situated in Administrative Block A and comprises the three floors of the block. The library has got the seating capacity of 100 readers. The library is strengthened with RFID technology and books are being issued/returned with this facility. All faculty, staff and students of this college have been issued RFID enabled ID cards to use the library facility.

Library Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Mrs. Anita Jaswal Librarian
2. Smt. Vaijanti Mala Instructor MOP
3. Smt. Pushpa Yadav Clerk
4. Smt. Kaushlya Devi Peon


Sr. No. Name of Items Quantity
1. Total numbers of Books 14013
2. Total numbers of Titles 3215
3. Total numbers of Journals 42
4. Total numbers of Magazines 20
5. Total numbers of Newspapers 7
6. Seating Capacity 300
7. Photostat Facility 1
8. E-Library 20 Computers
9. Wi-Fi Facility Peon
10. Membership of National Digital Library (NDL) and Developing Library Network (DELNET)


The Central Library shall be open from 9:AM to 5:PM.
The books shall be issued and returned as per detail mentioned below:

Days 1st Slot for Issue and Return of Books Lunch 2nd Slot for Issue and Return of Books 4:00 to 5:00 PM (arranging books in shelves and updating records)
Monday to Saturday 10:00AM - 1:00PM 1:00PM-2:00 PM 2:00 PM to 4:00
Books cannot be issued on Sundays & Institute holidays.

Borrowing Rules

  1. Borrowing privileges are given only to the Faculty, Visiting Faculty, Research Scholars, Staff and Students who are registered in the library.
  2. Books can be issued to the borrowers only against the Institute ID­Card.
  3. Reference books, text books, unbound issues of journals, periodicals, newspapers and technical reports are not issued out of the library to anybody.
  4. Books and materials kept in Reserve Section (text books) are issued only for 2 hours. Such books have to be reissued after the stipulated time. Student borrow/issue only three books at a time .

Renewal Rules

An issued book can be renewed online for a period of 15 days, subject to a maximum of 3 times. If the online renewal limit is reached, then the book has to be physically brought to the library for renewal. If the book has been reserved by any other person, then the book cannot be renewed.

Fine Rules

  1. The members should return library books on or before the due date failing which overdue charges of Rs. 1 per document per day will be charged from the student members.
  2. On late return of the restricted reading material issued for overnight, the fine of Rs. 1/- per hour per volume and maximum up to Rs. 5/- per volume per day will be charged.

General Rules

  1. Readers and visitors are required to leave their personal books, handbags, briefcases, etc. at the reception near the entrance of the library. All Library staff shall have no responsibility for personal belongings in the Library.The readers shall maintain perfect order and silence in the library.
  2. Making noise, spitting, smoking and visiting the library in an intoxicated condition is strictly prohibited in the library.
  3. A reader will be responsible for any damage caused to the library property or reading material. The member has to  replace the damage material/property and also has to pay the penalty imposed in such cases.
  4. Students/members will vacate their seats ten minutes before the close of the library.
  5. The Librarian reserves the right to suspend/cancel the membership of any member found Misbehaving with the library staff or for any other in decent behavior.
  6. The Librarian can recall any book from any member at any time.
  7. The membership of students will be valid for one academic session and cards will be renewed in even semester.
  8. No book shall be issued to loan, which Librarian feels is not in a condition to be safely handled by the borrower.
  9. In case any book becomes overdue for more than 14 days no further books will be issued unless such book is returned.
  10. The library will not be responsible for member's personal belongings/property lost in the library.
  11. The members are required to switch off the mobiles while entering the library.
  12. The library rules may be altered or amended or new rules may be added to the existing one from time to time without any notice to the members and these will be binding upon the members.
  13. The entry in the library will be allowed with a library card only.
  14. All the users are required to switch off their Mobiles or keep them on vibrations mode.
  15. Users should not enter places that are only for library staff.
  16. The Librarian, normally in consultation with the Library Committee, has authority to prescribe, to alter and amend as necessary, specific regulations concerning the use of the Library.