Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Department
Mechanical Department
Mechanical Department

Labs and Incharges

Thermal Engineering:
Faculty of Thermal Engineering Section (TES) has expertise in various fields such as I.C. Engines, Heat Transfer, Alternate Sources of Energy, CFD, Engineering Design etc. Various laboratories of TES include:

  • Fluid Mechanics Lab (In- charge; Chetan Sharma)
  • I.C. Engines Lab (In- charge; Mridul Sharma)
  • Thermal Engg. Lab (In- charge; Sahil Sen)
  • Heat Transfer Lab (In- charge; Mridul Sharma)
  • Turbo Machines Lab (In- charge; Ritesh Koundal)

Design Engineering: Design Engineering Section (DES) is one of the active divisions of Mechanical Engineering Department, with a focused vision to promote Academic, Research, and Industrial Consulting activities. Various laboratories of DES include:

  • Strength of Materials Lab (In- charge; Sahil Sen)
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab (In- charge; Sachin Kumar)
  • Theory of Machine Lab (In- charge; Chetan Sharma)

Production Engineering: Faculty of Production Engineering Section (PES) has expertise in various fields such as Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, Simulation, Metrology etc. The laboratories of PES include entire central workshop facility.

  • Central Workshop (In- charge; Rohit Bhardwaj)