Computer Center

Established in 2010, JNGEC Computer Centre serves the college as its central computing facility and the nodal centre for computer activities on the campus.


The Centre supports and coordinates computer usage by Graduate students, faculties and staff of various departments. The centre provides guidance, support and services to the faculties and staff of various departments and academic institutions in performing statistical analysis for their work.

Computer Centre is entrusted with the responsibility of promoting the IT infrastructure, Network and Automation in the college. The department is involved in conducting various activities like workshops, Web development trainings etc. The Computer Centre is encouraging the use of open source software's.


Currently the Centre is equipped with with latest configuration dual boot computer systems loaded with relevant software systems. Student works with Windows and Linux based computer systems. Computing nodes are well connected with 100 mbps high speed internet connectivity.

Computer Centre is a central facility, which caters the needs of all four disciplines and various sections of the institute. This Centre is well equipped with the latest configuration Computer systems with Network printer and relevant software's. All the Blocks are connected with Wi-Fi Networks.Computer Centre and Central server systems with 100 Mbps NKN Connectivity with a capacity of 80 students had been catering to the needs of various stakeholders of this institute.

Sr. No. Name of equipment with make Quantity
1. Acer Computers 20
2. HCL 11
3. HP 35
4. Lenovo 14
Total computers in computer centre 80
There is internet connectivity of 100 mbps NKN.