Smart Classroom

Incharge Aditi Mahajan

Er. Aditi Mahajan

Assistant Professor

Smart classrooms are Technology Enhanced classrooms that integrate the learning with latest technological tools. Such classrooms enhance the quality of teaching. To provide best quality education using latest technology, the institute has taken the initiative in this direction. The task of development of smart classroom is completed.

The advent of Information and Communication Technology has had a profound and commanding global influence on the matrix of socio-economic and educational activities the world over in new era. Industrial and developed countries are well-ahead in formulating policies and programmes to accelerate its development, diffusion and empowerment abilities. Developing countries like India, having sensed it, follow at a breakneck velocity for establishing and capitalizing on the enabling capabilities of Information and Communication Technology in the field of Education. Technology was very ancient to India which gave to the world the binary system on which modern education and computer systems are based.

Learning and dissemination of information is becoming more important than ever. Internet based education and e-Learning are the trends of the day. Looking at India’s attempts to harness the broadcast technologies, one comes across a kaleidoscope of activities. India is perhaps the only country with a satellite completely dedicated to education, the EDUSAT. India has developed educational broadcast channels such as the Gyan Darshan Network and dedicated satellites such as EDUSAT for audio, video and data transmission and interactivity. India has 17 Education Multimedia Research centres and coordination centre Consortium of Educational Communication which helped building considerable knowledge resources over a period of 20 years.